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Clam Shell / Rose Clam Puka Shell

18" White Rose Clam Shell With Real Shark's Tooth Pendant Necklace..
18inch Brown Coconut White Clam Shell With Nassa Shell Sharks Tooth Necklace...
18inch Tiger Coconut White Clam Shell With Tiger Nassa Shell Sharks Tooth Necklace..
Wooden Surfboard Pendant With Green Clam Shell Tiger Coconut Necklace..
18" 8mm Coconut Necklace With Neon Orange, Turquoise, And White Rose Clam Shells...
24" White Rose Clam Shell Necklace With Rasta Colors..
18"  Yellow/Green/Black Color Combination Rose Clam Shell Necklace..
8MM White Clam Shell With 8MM Rainbow Color Coconut Combination in Barrel Lock...
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